Mobbin's 2015 Ganesha Hills Circuit 4: It Smells Like Door Hinges


Say that one word as many different ways you know how, with what ever inflections you can think of, even the long drawn out whaaaaaaaaaaat? of Moe Sizlack. Now you have a good idea of all the varied reactions of those gathered around when that thought - "it smells like door hinges" popped into one riders' mind and slipped right out their mouth. It was so off the wall and unexpected that it took a full moment for the statement to register before the expected laughter and "what the hells" could be made. And it's not as if there wasn't a certain, pungent odor wafting through the air; puffs of smoke were not being released through the exhaust pipes of motors passing by on the I-10. If you know what I mean. This is a fixed gear race, and you never know what you will get.

Honestly, "it smells like door hinges". It was the perfect summation, (or would indictment be the better word?) of what you get at these fixed gear races - they are full of surprises, and you just never know what to expect. Back in the day people might have said things like "far out", or "it's beautiful, man"; either one of those is still pretty descriptive of the scene, but there is a different lingo today. 

Irregardless of the "never know what you will get" attitude, there are other things about these races you come to expect, and right at the top of any such list is the inevitable delayed start to accommodate racers who arrive late. Sometimes I feel like good old Mr. Hand, and I can hear his voice now "don't you people own a watch?" It's all good though; after all, if not for the delay, I (we) would never have been made aware that door hinges are scented.

at the end, too exhausted to even sit up for a drink

Fixed gear racing, like other forms of bike racing is continually evolving. This was a topic I briefly discussed with Demi (you all know Demi, yes) when I ran into him a couple nights earlier. And so I went back and looked through photos from the first Mobbin' Monday Ganesha Hills race I was at, in 2012. Back then, far more of the riders raced in baggies, cut-off jeans, teeshirts, and wore packs while racing. There were plenty wearing team kit too, but the pendulum has definitely swung and the kits predominate now. More and more, the organized teams are making their mark, and dominating the podiums. It is unlikely that this will change, but fixed gear racing will continue to offer opportunities to the local kids who want to compete without committing to the "official" racing scene. That is another thing that has not changed, the grass-roots nature of the racing, that welcomes anyone to give it a try. Congrats to Mobbin' on another good time, holding a fun, challenging race, and keeping it going, as well as to everyone who came out and gave it a try.

The Flickr album for the race has eighty one photos in it - check them by clicking that link. If you don't see what, or who, you were looking for in the album, let me know and I will see what I can find, though at only three laps I didn't get as many race photos as usual. If you see a photo you like, feel free to download it (credit where credit due, of course). You can also contact me via email and I will gladly send a full size jpeg file of the image. As usual, I don't charge for photos, but do appreciate it when someone purchases a copy of the annual (link at top of page). Until next time, good riding.