Happy Veterans Day

Dad was a howitzer guy in Korea, but posed here with something a little easier to hold.

I used to work at a place that recognized Veterans Day and gave us the day off to duly honor our vets. For me, that honoring took the form of one extra long ride during the week. The way I figured it, the military veterans of my fathers' generation, my grandfathers', and those even further back served, at least in part, with the hope that by doing so the next generations (their children and grandchildren) might not have to. The way I see it, the fact that I could get out on a ride on this day of remembrance was an affirmation of that hope. Sure, President Ray-gun compelled me to register for the draft, but a letter and number with the Selective Service was as far as that went.

These days, employment does not come with the day off from work, and so I will spend nine hours not thinking of the nations' veterans. If you are fortunate to have the day off from labor, or school, go for a long ride and revel in the miles of freedom provided by their sacrifices. You could volunteer to help with a Veterans aid organization today and, admittedly, that would be a far more honorable way to spend the day. Baring that, though, a good ride may be the next best alternative for recognizing the deeds of our fathers. So, think for a moment of me, grumpy at work, but mostly, think of the many service personnel who have fought the horrors of war with the hope that their children, or potential children, would not have to.

I may not get my long ride, but I can still recognize the sacrifices of America's military veterans. Remember.


  1. That picture of Dad is crazy. So young! I just a book called Losing Julia, which was about, in part, World War 1. I read some of the actual soldiers' letters in it, as well as the numbers lost in that war to my kids this morning, then we had our minute of silence at 11:00 ( which seemed way too short to honor and remember the years of horror those men went through.) Thanks for writing that blog. I'm grateful that you never had to go to war big brother.


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