2015 Interbike: More Fat

Some of the larger makers of fat bikes were absent from Interbike this year. Surly for instance, the largest of all didn't have their own booth, though some of their bikes could be spotted in the booths of other manufacturers. While I look forward to seeing what Surly brings out, their absence did allow me more time to check out other manufacturers. 

The Pivot LesFat. Pivot's Swinger II Dropout System allows you to adjust chain stay length as well as run different wheel sizes assuming, of course, that you have different wheels and chains. You also have the option of single speed or geared with the Swinger II system.

RSD is a young company (2012) building out of Toronto, Canada using good old metal - CroMo, aluminum, and titanium. Their range of bikes is built around four models of adventure and mountain bikes, each with the option of those three different metals. The Mayor is their 1x fat bike, with frame alone coming in at about four pounds.

Across the aisle from RSD on the trade show floor was another far north company, Fatback, out of Alaska. The guys watching the booth really wanted me to take their photos with the bikes; I had to tell them it would ruin the quality of the image, doing the bikes, and themselves, a disservice. Fatback introduced two new bikes this year, the Rhino and the one shown here, the Skookum. In just the eight years the company has been around Fatback has proven themselves in some of the toughest trail races in North America, claiming nine wins in the Susitna 100, six in the Arrowhead 135, ten in the White Mountains 100, and thirteen in the Iditarod Trail Invitational.

Scott's Big Jon is made from 6061 aluminum, as is their other fat bike, the Big Ed, is only a pound heavier, and will allow you to keep a few extra bills in your wallet.

The Raleigh Rumson won't win any weight contests, but then it won't break the bank either. Where do you draw the line?

Fat Ass Bikes allows you to customize your bike right at the factory, with choices of size, colors, components, and even choice of a unique name for your ride. They were quite confident that their bikes were the lightest at the show; after giving one a lift, I couldn't argue. Sound interesting? Check the Fat Ass Bikes website.

Rocky Mountain's Blizzard -50. The new for 2016 model will have increased clearance and weigh less than previous year models. The real reason I post up this one though is due to the graphics; I have always liked those Northwest Coast designs, and Rocky Mountain does them up well.