2015 Interbike (Monday Blues Edition): Olmo

Cost. As with any business, cost in the manufacture of bicycles is a limiting factor. Cost drove many Italian (and other European) makers out of the American market. Lately we have been seeing some of those storied names reemerge on this side of the Atlantic, through imports or direct sales. Often these companies will use Interbike as the stage to reintroduce their name. Olmo is one of those. 

You may recall the vintage Olmo brought to my attention at Claremont's Velo bikeshop, and posted here a few years back. Like many of Europe's fine frame builders, Olmo traces its heritage back to a single man, Guiseppe "Gepin" Olmo, a one time campionisimo of the road, who made his first bike under the Olmo name in 1939. Companies won't last seventy-five years if they are doing something wrong; I guess that means Olmo is doing things right.

the Gara is made from double and triple butted Columbus SL tubing, accentuated with chrome lugs and is the most classically-lined bike in the Olmo line-up. Buy this and you must sign a contract stating the frame will be decked out in nothing but Campagnolo. Or that is the way it should be.

that said, Olmo is not stuck in the past and do make a full range of bikes for road and dirt, racing, recreation, commuting, children's, etc.