Slow Sunday Scenes from Bonelli

 I am sorry to have missed Vynessa's Birthday Ride with the Psycho-lists headed down the SGRT to Seal Beach today, but didn't feel like I had anywhere near the required seventy-two miles in my legs. Attempting it would, probably, have left me curled up in fetal position on some desolate, hot concrete river embankment with twenty miles still to go, and mumbling an incoherent "why, why, why."

Yeah, it was going to have to be a slow day for me and, while the Village may often be a good place to spend a slow Sunday morning, Bonelli is as well.
quiet morning on the lake

believe it or not, the slough has not reached its neon brightest yet - give it another week, then shine your black light across the surface, and watch it come alive

the bike location where i dropped it, suggests i rode the well-worn edge

where is SUP at Bonelli on this Sunday morn