Hakkalugi to Oak #2278, and What it Has Come To

Like the birdhouses of Bonelli, the trees at the Colleges are numbered for the purposes of managing that urban forest. I don't have any plans to visit each one, but I did stop by #2278 this evening to snap its portrait. A little further along, the chickens were looking for their keeper and all gathered 'round when I stopped, thinking perhaps that person might be me. A lap later I spied Dr. E checking on them; Dr. E has / had chickens, and I wonder if these ones are some of his brood. Ten minutes later, while stopped at a traffic signal an old toothless woman (actually she may have been younger than me, but that toothless thing automatically adds twenty years to a face) walking her own bike along the street commented "you have nice legs." She didn't seem to be belligerently homeless, so I took it as a compliment and returned the same (she was wearing shorts). I was going to say that it must be due to the bike, but thought it might be misconstrued. I will submit a photo of the legs in question at a future date for evidence. It has been an awfully long time since anyone younger has paid me the "nice legs" compliment. Toothless, huh? Is this what things have come to?

these Westringia are really making the ground colorful with their dropped petals