From the Archives: San Luis Rey Road Race, 1995

Back in my racing prime, or as close as I ever got to a racing prime, I had certain number of big targets each and every year. That number was greater than one, but less than three; the number being two - the Tour of St. George/Chums Classic/Tour of Hurricane, and the San Luis Rey Road Race. During those times I tried to never miss an opportunity to interact with my far-flung fans. You will notice the young man on the extreme left was particularly thrilled to meet a big time amateur like myself. 

The race was notable for a lack of judgement on my part. I was in the group of twelve contesting the finish but was unable to keep pace with Devon and the five chasing immediately after him. With six across the line I believed all the money was taken and so sat up. It was only later that I realized the money went ten deep and my eleventh place was not good enough to collect any of it.

There was a more memorable moment as well: On the second lap, where the road began its climb I went to the front and strung the group out. Completely single file. Everyone should do that at least once in a career. Even if it is an unnecessary expenditure of energy [dumb move], it is a cool dumb move. Later Devon calculated that ten riders dropped out at that point. Double cool - just increased my chances. Maybe not such a dumb move after all.