Friday Randomness

Today at the Tour de France: I knew Greg Van Avermaet was a strong rider, but was anyone betting that he could hold off Peter Sagan in a two-up sprint? That he managed to do it while leading from the front, made the win that much more impressive.

It has been a while since I last rode the Felt. Ever since discovering that I really liked how the KHS 29er rode, this one has been collecting dust and spider webs. Oh, the son might pedal around on it if I cajole him to hit the trails with me, but that is a rarity. Anyway, I have got the idea lodged in my mind to bring it out when the Dirty Chain Gang rides again, this coming Sunday. So I dusted it off, put some pedals on it, raised the saddle, and took it for a spin at Bonelli in order to reacquaint myself with how it rides and handles. It was a good outing.

The Bonelli Pine may not be a famous as its cousin, the Monterey Cypress, but the way it grows out over the water and this bit of rocky shore is pretty appealing.

Peace from the 2012 Series Points Leader, or someone wearing the jersey, anyway.

And finally: Evidence that riding a bike is just better. While heading home from Bonelli I was stopped at a light. Catching some movement out of the corner of my eye, what do is see coming down Garey and through the intersection but some dude riding Superman style, stomach to the saddle, arms out front, legs straight behind, flat as a board, clearly having some fun on his commute to where ever. 

Yeah, just like that, but with more traffic - the Superman pose as demonstrated by Tiffany Cromwell from a Pin on Pinterest.

Have a good weekend y'all - French Festival this Saturday (also runs through Sunday) means I get to do some riding up in Santa Barbara, followed by crepes and oo-la-la. Then Dirty Chain Gang on Sunday. Not a bad couple days ahead.