Cycling Claremont: The Pomerantz Mural at Pitzer College

Pitzer College allows graduating seniors to paint murals, and smaller works, around the campus. A kind of goodbye present. Both the artists and the College benefit, so it is a very cool idea, and I have posted a few previously. This mural, painted on the doors of an outdoor gear storage building (formerly the Green Bike Program building) is the only one I have, so far, seen with a 2015 date. Leah Pomerantz is the artist; hoping to find a title of the painting I googled the artists name. Though I was unsuccessful with that search, I did find a quote from  this years' Senior Art Show which goes a long way toward explaining this wonderful gift she has given the community: 

"Connecting my artistic practice to my career goals as a veterinarian I bring my love of animals and biology into my drawings and paintings. My current work depicts animals typically perceived as inferior beings.  Through illustrating 'undesirable' animals at human scale and in vibrant color, I am trying to dismantle the anthropocentrism of the average viewer and have them understand these animals in a new way."

You won't see this painting through the windshield of your car, so get on your bike and ride over to Pitzer where you can check this one, as well as all the other works of art around campus.