From the Archives: Mitch at Long Beach

Podium shot from the Long Beach series finale, 1995. 

I don't know who it is that finished third in '95, but second was Squadra Folgore's Jaime Przybyla. First, of course, was Mitch Boggs (Team Xtreme). I'll let the team's fearless leader, Bill Torres tell the story of the finale, "coming into the days events looked very promising for our Xtreme's own Mitch Boggs, the Cat 4 Icon who was lying in 3rd place overall. So the Xtreme's extremist arsenal was called upon duty for its much needed efforts in securing or advancing Mitch at Long Beach. The team's tactics were approved for Capt. Marco Quintero, Nelson Ape, George Lopez, Mike Wagner, Bill T. and the super enforcements of Chris Burgeson and Dave Ward to instigate. We knew that we and Mitch were marked men. So one simple tactic was for Mitch to stay low. The rest were dispersed but always under disposal. Dave controlled the agonizing pace early on. Marco, Chris and Nelson applied super force in controlling the line and destroying any thoughts of a break. Mike and I played the role of Mitch's wing-men. The pace rolled at 31 m.p.h. Then it hit. A six pointer prime in the airwaves! Boom! At turn two Mitch morphs to de-stealth, outside and away he went from the pack which had already gained much speed. Mitch's turbines were on and M2 locked on target as he SCUDed himself to the line and wins the prize! He continues as the avenging field slowly reels him back up. As the closing of the event neared, positions were being jockeyed. The Xtreme Forces had lined up around our man but to an uneventful outcome… or was it? Didn't I say it was an incredible day? The field of racers had been part of this elaborate scheme which had unknowingly conceded this race. Mitch had catapulted his overall from 3rd to the top of the G.C.! On top of the podium, Mitch draped on the White Winners Jersey, topped on the Xtreme cap, raised his arms high in victory, Tour de France style, to this momentous occasion for the entire Xtreme and Co."