Season Opener

In a sport that does not have a distinct beginning or end, one that simply bounces from season to season, discipline to discipline, this weekends races are as close as we get to a definitive opening day. Even though cyclocross fills the weekends through the end of the year with all the revelry for which it is known,  there is always a growing anticipation as the days approach this singular spot on the calendar.

Some of the racers coming into the two days will do so like a muzzleloader in the hands of a frontiersman - primed and ready to fire. Others will be like the pioneer farmer testing soil and water or in this case, themselves and the competition, while awaiting a more optimal time of the year to sow the field. Come Sunday, in particular, I am expecting to see a lot of attacking taking place. Whether those attacks are merely testing the waters, or are launched with real aspirations of success, we should see an exciting couple of days of racing. Good luck to everyone, and see you out there.

There is a full slate of mountain bike events, spread across both days, at Southridge USA - Cross Country, Super D, Downhill - and then in Ontario on Sunday the road season slides in (according to the most recent weather forecast at least) at the Icebreaker Grand Prix.