In the early 2000s worldwide bicycle production began topping one hundred million units per annum. That is 100,000,000 new bicycles every year. For comparison, automobile production reached forty-two million units at that same time. Seventy thousand UFO sightings are typically made each year. Bigfoot has been spotted three thousand three hundred thirteen (3,313) times dating back to, well whenever records for such things began to be kept. I understand that politicians, on average, tell a truth five times during a full four year elected tenure. Numerically speaking it doesn't really seem as though the bicycle is the oddity.

Anyway, I don't know if this was some kind of statement, a joke, or simply a strange coincidence. We were visiting this little big antique store in Wrightwood recently, and when this juxtaposition was pointed out, I instantly recognized its photo worthiness. And then I laughed.