The Circus Came to Town

"The circus came to town, ma. I saw 'em tonight. They went right past the park, where I was hanging out with grego, jimbo, dan the man, ricardo, and marco 'n marge. You know those guys, they were drinking beer and I think someone was smoking something. But I wasn't, I was just hanging out. Anyway, thats when the circus went by. They were wearing costumes, I never seen so many colors, like a freakin' rainbow."

"And the lights, it coulda been a Christmas parade. Red and white, green and blue. I think there might have even been yellow and purple too. I can't seem to remember for sure. They were blinking slow, flashing fast. Some were like a strobe light, and some were even spinning. It was crazy for sure. And a little bit dizzy. I know for sure ricardo was dizzy; when all those lights went by he started leaning to the right, and then to the left. Next thing we knew he was falling like some giant pine tree being cut down. We didn't notice him all stretched out in the dirt until later, since our eyes were so transfixed on the circus."

"It was crazy. I know, I already said that, but that's just how crazy it really was. Really crazy. We never seen anything like it. I was thinking, "it must be the clowns. I mean, all the colors, and all the lights. It was the only thing that made sense, ya know? I guess it could've been the freak show, that would've made sense too. An' they were loud too, laughin' an' jokin', an' all that. Least ways I guess they were tellin' jokes, 'cause there was definitely a lot of laughing. I heard that much."

"I was tryin to figure out the name of the circus, b'cause there were names on their costumes. I thought it must be a way to advertise. I thought I saw names that looked like they said psycho-circus, circe du coates, incircus, but with all the swirling color and light I couldn't be sure what I was seeing exactly."

"I wondered where they were goin' 'cause I didn't know the circus was in town. We were sort uv hypnotized to it all, ya know? Just sort of watchin' 'em go by slow, even ricardo. He was okay by then, sittin' on the table after some guy called slimjim, a different jim, not jimbo, helped him up. He didn't look so good right then, his head was kind of making circles, ya' know. Like maybe he was followin' those spinning lights. I thought maybe he was gonna fall over again, but he didn't."

Marge was the first to realize it wasn't really the circus, and she said 'hey, that's not a circus - that's a bunch of bikers."

"And then we all realized, well maybe not ricardo, he was still in his trance, but everyone else realized that marge was right. They were. They were a bunch of bikers. We all started laughin' and yellin' and pointin' and stuff. We were yellin' at 'em to 'go faster, go faster' and stuff like that, but they didn't. Jimbo yelled, 'you boys oughta git yourselves a car', but they just kept on riding like they were. That was kind of a dud, cause, ya know, I thought they was the circus, not just a bunch of bikers."

"It was still pretty crazy, ya know, cause we ain't never seen nothing like that. I mean, ya know, a bunch of bikers. What is that? I've never seen anything like a bunch of bikers, it was so weird. 'Member that time we saw that hairless cat, and we thought, what is that? This was the same thing, what is that? Anyway, now I can say I've seen everything."


So there is this park the Crazy Legs ride passes each night. It is in San Dimas, just a dark little patch between houses, an empty lot, and a bowling alley. The name of this park is Pioneer, and it seems to serve as a local hang out for which the neighbors round about are, I imagine, forever grateful.

No matter when the ride rolls past, be it early, late, or right on time, the hoots and howls start up as soon as the first headlight beam comes into view to light up the road. I figure they are all teens with nothing better to do, and in the fashion for that age group, are always looking to make a statement, one up the next guy, and fit in with the in-crowd. As such, when the first derogatory yells ring out through the dark and cold, it acts as a beacon attracting others in a competition to see who can be loudest, or most shocking. Monkey see, monkey do, I guess. What is that?