Cycling Claremont: 2014 UMC Christmas Display

Every year, at this time of it, the United Methodist Church here in Claremont erects a display, often socially charged. Some people might even say controversial, though in this person's opinion, we should have moved beyond controversy in regard to these annual themes long ago. The displays can be quite elaborate, and clearly involve much thought. They usually involve some juxtaposition of contrasting elements. There also tends to be a little vagueness built into the interpretation, not a lot, just enough to encourage you to think which, I am guessing, is at least part of what the church it trying to foster.

Greed, avarice, want. Need. "She deserves something special this Christmas." Who? The homeless woman on the bus bench? The baby in her arms? The unseen recipient of a diamond ring? Contrast between want and need. A diamond ring? Contact lenses? A hot meal and a warm place to stay? What is the Christmas Spirit really about? I didn't get close enough to read the newspapers in the stands, but I expect the headlines related to war, or something equally wasteful - of money, resources, lives.

Yes, you can see this one from the seat of a passing vehicle, but you can't really see it. You know what I mean.