Upcoming: Texas Hold 'em With Gary

So your local school does not have a cycling team. You wish it did, and would probably help out with coaching duties. You could teach, mentor, you could encourage and cheer. Who knows, maybe years from now you could say you knew that rider when she or he was just starting out, and look now - World Champion. Just because there is no local team does not mean you are out of options, you can still help the Southern California High School Mountain Bike League in their mission to introduce kids to the sport of mountain biking, help them continue the growth which can only help the future of the sport, and of the individuals.

All it takes is buying a ticket to the SoCal League's annual CycleFest, held at the Queen Mary. It is as little as $45.00. Or, for $100.00 you can take a seat at one of the events' poker tables, and a chance to play Texas Hold'em with the legendary Gary Fisher.

You can buy tickets up to, I believe, Wednesday the 19th. Check here for information and tickets.