2014 Seasons in the Sun

Just to let you know, the annual yearbook / review will be back for a second edition. Again, material will be drawn from all the races and related incidents covered by me for the CLR Effect between January and December 2014. After reviewing last years' volume, I have decided on a few changes which have already been initiated - photos will be no smaller than quarter page; those six per page images just seemed too small to be effective. Rather than presenting a chronological review of the year, I am going break this one into themes -  the gathering, focus, attack, bell lap - things like that. I opted not to pursue sponsorship this time, I admit that marketing is just not my thing and anyway, I put too much time on weekends during the year, and then at the end of year putting the book together, to not attempt at get at least a little recompense for the effort. When the book is ready - mid to late December - you will be able to review the entire thing page by page (though at this time I am only guessing that Blurb still offers that option), before purchasing directly from Blurb, or possibly even via Amazon.

Until then, here are a few page examples. Hope they pique your interest.