Remembering Carlos

You know those images of funeral processions from New Orleans, moving slowly through the streets, methodical, stately, solemn, everyone wearing black and/or white, and that familiar dirge to tie it all together? Got the image, okay. Now shut it completely from your mind; excepting the slowness of the pace, this morning's tribute ride in memory of Carlos Vazquez was nothing like one of those. No, instead there was color, and there was music. Though i never did pinpoint who's bike had the hidden mini speaker i did recognize the pop, pop, Pop Music. The music was low though, and if you were just a few bikes away, you probably wouldn't have heard it. Another difference that was clearly noticeable - the conversation and the laughter. A lot of laughter.

Carlos's son was riding around the bunch, a freshly cropped mustache in honor of his father. Other family members (i believe) drove along with the procession, taking photos, encouraging and thanking the riders. I am also fairly certain they were responsible for the spread of treats and water laid out for everyone's enjoyment before and after the ride. The owner of the Claremont Jax bikeshop provided sag support. I saw John, Robert, Lark, the Bergs, and a whole lot of BoBie's (my has that club grown over the years). In fact, it was a very diverse group, as you would expect, representative of the cycling community, all coming together in remembrance of one of our own. There are some additional photos in the Flickr album Tribute Ride for Carlos Vazquez.