Hakkalugi Rebuild III: Seatpost and Saddle

Sometimes that flexibility you build into your plans comes into play. A few weeks ago i set out to acquire a Ritchey WCS seat post, wet white colored, size 27.1mm. That size, common to older steel tubing, is becoming more difficult to locate. Adding others specifics, such as brand/model, makes it even more so.

I let my LBS have a crack at tracking one down, but after those few weeks passed without a word, i gave up on the idea of a successful hunt. I will leave that one for the future, and then saved a few bucks at the same time by delving into the parts bin. There i found a two bolt seat post that is very similar in appearance and set up to the Thompson i have on my mountain bike. Except it does not have the Thompson name on the side. Some cheap knock-off? I don't know, but it will do the trick for now.

Though i couldn't find the white post, i didn't have any problem getting the Ritchey WCS saddle with the carbon rails. I walked into yet another LBS and there it was. I would have been fine with the CroMo or Al rails, but am satisfied with the splurge. It has been twenty years since i last had a white saddle, back to the days of the Concor. That one wasn't difficult to keep clean; we will need to see what happens when the CX course turns muddy.