Monday Blues: Competition

Apparently there is a dearth of female ducks around these parts. I was heading out to look for the Bud's Ride a couple weeks ago and as I came around a corner, not far from home, these three dudes were in the street strutting their stuff. It was kind of an aimless strut though, they were both purposeful and unsure at the same time. In a word they were loitering.  A few feet further along my path and I could see around that low growing juniper hedge where I had a clear view of their intent - a lone female, with another couple males close by. I think the one up on the curb realized he was shut out from the action, but was intently watching, just in case. Ready to rush in if an opportunity presented itself. The two in the street, meanwhile, contemplate leaving. You can see it in their stance - we're out of here - they have already given up, pack fodder hanging around because they paid the entry fee. One to five; good for her, not so good for them. At least four were going to leave this party rejected and dejected. Kind of like a bike race, in a way, surrounded by others who want the same thing you want. There can only be one victor; only one gets to be on top - top step of the podium. In this race, there just isn't room for more.