This Bud's For You, 7 May

After riding over to Puddingstone for the Bud's Ride, with some of those clouds that have been making the evenings prematurely dark, I got to slow pedal a couple laps along the finish stretch, as I waited for the bunch who I knew would be on their last lap. Having enough of that I pulled up with maybe ten others already on the grassy median, witnesses to the finale, who may have preferred to be out flying along the ground plane. Instead, and for whatever individual reasons, we settled for the indignity of watching rather than racing.

Here they come and it looks as if, all the way over to the left, he already has a lead. Still a long way to go though. A long way on a straight finishing stretch, with a headwind to make it extra challenging. 

For holding off everyone charging behind, and maybe even increasing the gap, the weekly Bud's crown goes to the man in the red and black kit.