Hakkalugi Rebuild: Stem and Bars

Stem: Felt 6061 Superlite
Bars: Bianchi Reparto Corse

I have some specific components in mind for this rebuild - the headset and fork, for instance, were intentional picks. Others will probably be of the "whatever I see first" variety - like the stem and bars, for instance. Bar width is pretty standard for me using the old shoulder measurement test (hold them up to your shoulders and if the bars are the same width as you are, they are good to buy), but I was told bars with a more shallow drop is best for CX, so these bars have drops that measure up a bit on the shallow side. Cantilever brakes are probably next up; I was originally thinking Avid, but assuming I go Campy for the levers (not to mention cranks and derailleurs), it might make sense to go Campy cantis. Anyone out there have CX experience with them?