Kohoutek 2014 @ Pitzer

I have mentioned it before, and am sure I shall mention it again. One of the best things about living in Claremont has got to be the sheer number of cultural activities that take place virtually any weekend of the year. Beside city run events and those of various other organizations, there are the Claremont Colleges - not one, not two, but six - each with their own schedule of events. 

Early this afternoon as I was weaving my way through the campuses after checking into the Earth Day Festival downtown, I stumbled upon the Kohoutec Music and Arts Festival at Pitzer. Today is the second of the two day Fest: There is a full slate of music, dancing coeds, a menagerie, bears in trees, moon bounce, food, dancing coeds, an exhibition of photographs from China, and if you know where to find it, free food (for a limited time, time which has almost run out). Judging by the music I was hearing early in the afternoon, I am guessing the party can get going pretty good. Check the info on Facebook, or website, before you head on over. Or just forget about that and go before it is too late.