2014 Maison Bertet Winter Classic

You know, I had this all planned out beforehand - the subtitle to this post, I mean. It was going to be the Hammer and Irvine Show. I figured with two current World Champions competing, the result would be a sure thing. Or pretty darn close to it; close enough to bet. Funny how things turn out sometimes. I had seen Sarah Hammer race at the Velo Sports Center before, and witnessed what she could do. I have read enough about Martin Irvine's power to believe that my prediction would prove true.

Watching the two circle the track during warm-up laps was a beautiful exercise in finesse - their incremental, yet smooth, turns of the screw, upping the pace until only three pairs of wheels moved at a matched pace. Yes, the evidence was there if I had been willing to see it. I said three pairs of matched wheels. That third pair of wheels, that I failed to notice, belonged to Jacob Deuhring.

The two race Pro/1/2 Omnium ended in a tie on points - Irvine and Deuhring equal. Deuhring came away with the victory, however, by virtue of winning the final sprint. It was an impressive display, not doubt about it.

In some of the other races, Simon Jones took the Omnium crown from the older Juniors, while the "World Famous" Johnny Walsh won both his races to capture the Masters 45+ Omnium.

Scott Cohen and Matt Chambers [I believe] lead a
distinguished group during some warm up laps

the big picture

Courtney Comer on her way to the Junior 15/16 crown

World Champions sit alone?

Alright then, here is your link to the Flickr photo set. The first few photos are from a practice session earlier in the day, the rest from the afternoon's racing action.