New Year, New Project

New year, well, not quite - but it is fast approaching. It has been a while since last I owned a green bike, it is just not a commonly used color in the transportation world. Schwinn made it work, although their green was a much darker shade, than the candy-apple green Ibis went for with their Hakkalugi. Of course, when Ibis released this model in 1997, they did not dedicate it with sweet, rainbow-tinged descriptors like "candy-apple" green; no, they opted for "gang green", a play on words to match the "hand job" cable hanger, and "Moron" Tange tubing with "more on the ends" aka, "big butts". Thankfully, the previous owner(s) kept the original tubing decal on the seat tube and, as far as I can tell, all the others as well.

Not really a Christmas present, the acquisition of this Hakkalugi frame simply happened to coincide with the holiday. Since it will be a full-fledged cyclocross machine, and will not need to be ready until the 2014-2015 season - nine or so months away - it will be a long process over that time. There are many things to consider - components for performance, colors to compliment or contrast, yadda, yadda, yadda. When all is done, I am hoping that it will be as fun to ride, as it seems like it must have been for the Ibis folks to come up with that slew of clever names. Also, since a new ride is coming into the stable, one will be heading out to pasture. Watch for a post about it soon.