Need to See: Kualis Cycles

Looking at bikes. There are those of us who look at bikes quite frequently. There are others who question our state of mind when we do. Each of us may have different reasons in this voyeuristic habit. Those reasons could be functionally simple - the beginning of a selection process upon deciding it is past time for a new bike. Those reasons may fulfill a personal appreciation of stylistic form, finish, or the artistic flair of detail. Other reasons may be more mechanical in nature, a study of geometry, or the engineering of form.

One of the blogs over in the right hand column I visit every time there is a new post is Builder's Life, the blog of Kualis Cycles. Gawd, those are some nice frames. Kualis builds in steel and titanium, and the blog is littered with enough road and cx frames to make me go weak at the knees. I especially like this latest showing - Kuono's Ti road 5 - shown above, which combines the familiar titanium satin finish with some color up front. And I do like that green.

There is a lot out in the Ti world that stops me in my tracks, makes me envious, from the grand daddy, Litespeed, to the well-known custom guys like Moots, Lynskey and Seven, to lesser-knowns such as Roark and Van Nicholas. From what I have seen over the past year or so Kualis, whose owner/builder by the way, previously built for Level and Seven, ranks right up there with the best.