Monday Blues: Mystery of the Blue Bicycle

I frequently wonder about bikes. I guess that has become obvious to anyone who reads here regularly - what their stories are, why they are where they are in this world, what they mean to the people who ride them - things like that. Today's installment of the Monday Blues, comes with that spirit of wonder in mind.

A surprising and unlikely observation: What appears to be the same blue bicycle appears in the same location of a street scene in two different films, made by two different directors. Is this due to planning, or some strange coincidence? Is there some hidden meaning waiting to be discovered? A simple casual notice of recurring image leads into a multi-year pursuit to uncover a cinematic mystery. To find out more, you have got to read this, the Blue Bicycle: A Gainesville-Paris Research Project, by Charles H. Meyer. 

Blue: A color, a mood or emotion, a genre of music. Tune in each Monday for another installment of the Blues, with a cycling twist.