Cyclist Down Near El Roble

I had to run some errands this afternoon, and as I was on my way back home, I came upon one of those scenes you never want to see. After turning a corner further up the street, I looked down to where the middle school is, saw all kinds of flashing lights, two fire trucks, and an ambulance. There were all kinds of students with their bikes standing around. There was a car that looked like it might have been involved. Strangely, there were no police; considering there was an injury involved, I had assumed there would be. At this time I just don't know any specifics, whether the incident can be blamed on the inattentiveness of one person or another, or what have you.

Let me say before going any further, that I hope the injured rider was not severely injured, and can make a fast and complete recovery.

I can imagine a parent saying right now, "you are never riding to school again", I can imagine other parents saying "this is why I don't let you ride to school." While there is bound to be that initial fear and reaction, we can't let those thoughts win out. If we are ever to solve our urban transportation woes, to make it safer and easier for people to get around by less negatively-impactful means, a certain level of attentiveness is required. Especially in school zones. The street on which the incident occurred has a reputation for high speeds, and has been the scene of multiple collisions over the years. There is only a single pedestrian-activated traffic light, no stop signs along an entire stretch of road. As much as I hate waiting at such traffic control devices it may be time to consider them.

Best yet, of course, would be for people to simply Pay Attention! I can only imagine how many collisions could be avoided by following that basic, straight-forward principle. I won't even rant about the parent who, not a half mile away, driving her own kid home from the same school, was not paying attention even though staring straight at through me, rolling through a two-way stop intersection where my cross street had the right of way. Well, alright, maybe I will rant a little. Good thing I was paying attention, I do believe I would have gone ballistic if forced to listen through one of those "I didn't see you" confessions. 

Pay attention out there.