Book Project: Seasons in the Sun

Biking in LA's very own Ted Rogers almost got it right the other day when he mentioned the word calendar in regard to some of the photos I have taken this year. However, I had something a little more substantial in mind.

I have been immersed in this little project lately - a book of photos and words chronicling some of the Southern California bike racing scene over the past year. I don't have the luxury of traveling to all the various races that take place around the southland, but I try to get to as many road, track, mountain, cross, and grassroots races as I can. The photos are some of my favorites from among the thousands that I have taken. The words are mostly my own.

Right now the project is in the midst of photo selection, but expect the book to be ready by the end of the month, January if things go slowly - December has a way of speeding by. There will be photos of people in the heat of racing action, some will be well known, others less so. There will be photos of a more artistic nature as well. All were taken between January and December 2013.

Since I don't have unlimited funding, nor a friendly benefactor, the edition will be limited. The dust jacket, shown in progress above, will give you a little taste of what it will look like finished. If you have some interest in ordering a copy, want to reserve a copy, drop me a line. I will have more information about ordering when it is finished, but I can try to answer questions in the meantime, if you have any.