Bicyclist Killed in Claremont

Richard Mancuso, of the Claremontian is reporting that a bicyclist has been killed just up the street on Baseline near Mills. I will post more when I know more. Actually now that I look at the photo closely, it appears as though the cyclist may have been in the process of making a turn. Hard to know for sure. 

Update: I visited the scene. The police are still sorting things out at this time and did not have much information to share, but I did make an inquiry of one community officer for what he knew. An older gentleman, presumably in his 70s was hit on Baseline near the Edinboro Avenue intersection. Edinboro is on the north side of Baseline; there is also an access to The Bungalows which is what is shown in the photo below. It can be a troubling spot - and I have almost come to grief there as well in the past. Baseline is closed in both directions, and while the victim appears to be in the left turn lane (as if turning onto Edinboro from eastbound Baseline), there is no guarantee that is where he was hit. My thoughts are with the family and friends of this man.

Update: The cyclist has been identified as Mr. Ali Mirage from the neighboring city of La Verne. There is still speculation swirling around about what exactly happened, questions still needing to be answered. Baseline in both directions has a bike lane, traffic has been noted as being especially light, the rider was traveling with traffic, not against. The driver stayed on the scene and was released. Did the cyclist swerve suddenly in front of the auto? Did the driver drift into the bike lane? Did excessive speed play a role? If the rider made an error of judgement some questions will never be adequately answered.

Again, my thoughts are with the family and friends of Mr. Mirage.