Upcoming: The Circle of Doom

Just the name is enough to make me break out in a sweat, for my legs to tremble in exhaustion, my arms to quake in trepidation. One-hundred six miles, 9,000 feet of elevation gain - just a little jaunt in the San Gabriel Mountains. The roll of takers, and potential slayers reads like a who's who of Southern California's most-likely-to-finish-on-the-podium list.

Yes, they will be in "November mode", but I suspect their "November mode" equates to my "May mode". Whoof. Thank goodness there is a cross race I just have to be at. Seriously though, a long ride around the San Gabriel Mountains (trust me these are not the Glendale Mountains per the event description), on a nice November day is about as good as it gets. So, if you are ready (notice I didn't say "if you think you are ready" - that little bit of hesitation or doubt won't serve you well - here is the link.