Ed Kosmicki's 1986 Coors Classic Photos

That there is the look that made Bernard 'the Badger' Hinault famous … well, alright, his riding had something to do with it too. Taken during the 1986 Coors Classic this set of photos has been around for more than a few years and, while this one seems to be a familiar image, I can't say that for the others in the set. Beside Hinault, the group of photos includes images of Jeannie Longo, Jeff Pierce, Davis Phinney (and Connie cheering from the roadside), Bob Roll, President Ford, and others. The photo above was one I found on Tumblr, and quite grainy; for the full effect you really have to check out the flickr set. Taken, I presume, by Kosmicki there are only thirteen photos in the set, but all are incredible. Even more than the photos of Hinault, I think this one is my favorite - pouring rain, spray being thrown up from the wheels of racers in front of him, an unidentified competitor, mouth gaping, pushes on while deep in the moment of challenge and conflict.