Where To Bike LA: Señor Vasquez...

The latest collaborative between the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) and the authors of Where To Bike LA rode back in time, through the old west, into the area known as Canyon Country. If you were to check your local copy of the book, the route basically corresponds to Ride #9, although the start was another 10 miles distant, in the city of Santa Clarita, away down Soledad Canyon. This was a regular training ride for me back in the day, though I hadn't rode the area in a good fifteen years, so jumped at the chance head out with a group today. Forty-six miles, 3000 feet of elevation gain, interesting things to see, and good people to ride with - perfect Saturday morning.

only the left half of author, John Riddle, showed up

the Rio market in the middle of Soledad Cayon

fueling up in Acton where signs admonish you to please not tie your
horses to the railings - bikes okay, though

on the road again

long after Tiburcio roamed the area, and decades since Capt. Kirk fought the Gorn,
we stopped for a photo op at Vasquez Rocks County Park