Saturday Morning, To The Front...

A number of minutes before I snapped this photo, I had passed the owner of that Surly Long Haul Trucker, which you can maybe just make out on the right. We were riding along Bonita, just past that rough patch where my helmet was jarred loose, and down over the front of my head. I already had my coffee with ham and cheese croissant in hand, and was fully committed to those while seated out front of the Last Drop Cafe but, recognizing one another, we exchanged typical cyclist small talk - bikes, weather, and recent rides. Kitchen refurbishing projects worked their way into the mix as well. 

It was a cold morning, but mostly clear and sunny when I pushed off from home. Somewhere during my circuit of Bonelli Park, though, most of the sky was covered with cloud. The front moved through yesterday and included some rain and hail late in the day, so this was probably just some after effects sliding through. Hopefully tomorrow's race in Brea will be clear, though it will still probably be cold. My decision whether or not to race, or just sit on the side of the road watching / photographing, will be a last minute one. If racing turns out to be in the cards, I doubt I will spend any time at the front, based on how well I rode today. You know, I had no intention of making this post all about the front, didn't even think I would post anything up today. But, as I rode home through the colleges, and the baseball diamond where the Sagehens were just about to throw out the first pitch, the Who's Eminence Front was rocking the stands. That's where it came from.

"...And people forget
Forget they're hiding.
Behind an eminence front
Eminence front - it's a put on..."