Wet and Leafy, in the Centerline Gallery...

When it rains a little bit, as it has the past few days, and I do mean a little bit (not so much that things get washed away) the newly fallen leaves, like these of Ginko trees, get painted on the streets. Bicyclists are especially familiar with the fact that things in the roadway get kicked out of the drive aisle and either thrown into the gutter, or the center. Yellow leaves make an adequate center line, a little haphazard I guess, but distinct enough to recognize. Beside this photo, there have been a couple other additions to the center line gallery (you can get to the gallery by clicking the photo in the right hand column) recently, one that Jason of bicyclefriends found at cyclesurf, and the other from the Tumblr blog someoneisalwaysfaster. Hopefully by next weekend I will have a group album set up at photobucket which will allow you to contribute directly. Fingers crossed. 


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