Friday Feedbag and Quotable Links...

Stealing a bike is bad enough, but how low a knuckle-dragger do you have to be to steal one from a five-year old? You gotta like the missing bike poster, though:

Next we go to Chicago, where city leaders really do seem to understand the economic and societal benefits of bicycle transportation: "...sheer super-speed at which the city has laid down protected bike lanes, going from zero to second-most in the country in just 18 months."

"Average Joe's don't bike to work." We have read about LeBron James' penchant for occasionally getting to work by bike. Apparently the two wheeled commute has evolved into a near daily one. Meanwhile the Average Joe's continue to waste time, health, money by locking themselves to four wheels. Maybe that's why they are just Average Joe's.

Nor is James the only Miami Heat athlete to find that riding bikes can be inspiring"... riding through the streets, I like it. It's nice, man."

Rapha has become pretty darn big in the bicycling world. Often when this happens, we start to hear, read, see some backlash. Sometimes the backlash is due to misplaced jealousy, other times it may actually be justifiable. Though I don't own any, I think Rapha produces some good stuff, from their inspirational videos to their sharp-looking kit. I am not sure what is going on here, but could this be the first shot:

I was going to empty this edition of the Feedbag with Rapha, but them Ted at BikingInLA posted a link to yet another biking song and video by Luka Bloom. If that, in itself, was good enough for me, but it was the scenes of riding around Dublin and the Irish countryside that put the smile on my face.