Friday Feedbag and Quotable Links...

Just because this latest edition of the Friday Feedbag and Quotable Links is coming out a day late, thus making it a Saturday edition, does not mean it is not full of good stuff.  To kick things off, consider the most recent post by Guy, at Le Grimpeur , who though he does not publish often, when he does the writing is always worth the time it takes to read and absorb:

"A true gentleman, he would offer his wheel on a climb if you were going his way, and there was never any ego. But the elastic was always kept [taut] and one knew that if he stood up in the saddle, he would drop you without much effort."

Yet another story about how bicycles benefit local economies (and no, the quote is not indicative of the content):

"Cyclists are just a bunch of kids who don't have any money... they're not really spending any money."

If you have not read Robots piece published yesterday at Red Kite Prayer about putting things in perspective, give it a go:

"You are fast because you ride... you will never win Milan-San Remo, but at the school drop off in the morning you are among the elite."

Finally, at the bottom of this feedbag is an update on how to use the new Center Line Gallery. As promised, I discovered that Photobucket has a group album option (why I never noticed it before I don't know), which should allow any of you to contribute photos from the comfort of your very own computer. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works, and have no reason to suspect that it won't, but will await the first entry before drinking to success. Anyway, here is the link to the album - you should be able to simply download a photo, add your credit line and what ever informative (and relevant) text your want, and that's it. Done. In order to keep content appropriate, and at least somewhat family-friendly, the computer will ask me to approve any submissions before they appear. If you run into any problems, let me know. So send your photos in as often as you want; I am thinking up a prize for whoever submits the most, or the best, or something over the course of a year.