Festive Lights: Erik's Night Ride...

I didn't do any night-time rides last winter; it was the first time in many years and I missed the different sensory experience you get from riding in the dark. I have been wanting to get out for Erik's Claremont Night Ride (organized through the BOBie's, whom you can find under the Ride With Us heading in the right hand column) and as the photos show I finally did. I think about ten of us rode, other than the Mayo's, all new faces. The ride goes out every Monday at 7:00pm from the Euro Cafe in Claremont, runs through La Verne, San Dimas, into Covina, and then back. I ended up with a little more than 25 miles for the loop, and if you subtract the 1.5 mile addition to and from home you get 23.5 miles which matches the ride description. The 17.6 mph average speed was a little higher than expected, not unreasonable, not a problem, but as the second ride on the day it was more speed than I was looking for. Anyway, the ride takes a route along low traffic volume streets, and is a fun way to wind up a busy Monday. As I said night riding is so different than riding during the day; the cool air, the different visual perception, people have retreated to their homes and the city is quiet.

As for the photos, well forget about anything in focus; but that's alright, the darkness creates some interesting effects in its own way. The movement of the lights, the ephemeral, ghost-like riders, and the black void of the background.


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