Brian Baylis to Say Goodbye...

I noticed last night while perusing my blog list, that after 40 years in the frame building business, Brian Baylis will be leaving the game next year. He began his career in November 1973 with Masi, building frames for that legendary company when they had their factory in Carlsbad, went in to a partnership with Mike Howard building Wizard Bicycles, and then struck out on his own with the Baylis brand. One of the most respected builders in the business, Baylis has done it all, from lug work, to welding, and painting. He has not just built bicycles over the years, he has created them. If you are the owner of one of this bikes, consider yourself fortunate indeed. Thankfully, he has passed on his knowledge and technique to numerous apprentices over time (and is still doing so), and in that way his unique contribution to the craft will continue after his retirement. And how cool is it to be able to pick a date like 11.12.13 to say goodbye. The photo above is from the one and only time I met Mr. Baylis, at the 2011 San Diego Custom Bike Show. You can read his announcement by clicking here.


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