Memorial Day along the Amelia Loop

Memorial Day. A day to honor and remember all those Americans who, with their lives, sacrificed for country and their fellow human, and in doing so lifted up the downtrodden, gave hope to the oppressed, and helped put to ruin the enemies of humanity.

I had already passed through that little bit of jolly old London, and was somewhere out in San Dimas, half way through a mellow roll of the Amelia Loop when I got the idea of taking photos of all the houses flying the flag of the United States, flags of service, and flags of remembrance. One, in recognition of our current political distress, was being flown upside down, several were flown at half mast. There were far too many to show them all here.

opps, that didn't work out

i don't recall ever noticing this little park before, not that i take this circuitous route very often

a family enjoying a morning bike ride in La Verne

clips and straps - don't often see them anymore

back in Claremont, many cyclists taking advantage of the few businesses open this Memorial Day morning - Bert & Rockys for ice cream, 42nd Street Bagel, Some Crust Bakery - or just passing through

the verges of the bike lane have filled in nicely


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