The 2019 Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium: Inclement Endeavors


With rain falling off and one throughout the day's races, the umbrellas were out all around that old familiar course in the city of Brea. It was the thirty-third edition of the race, a race that started down the path of history as the St. Valentines Massacre Criterium. Unlike the finish of this post, there were no delays in either starts, or finishes (at least during the races I was around to watch)...

An anyway, what were you going to do - not race? Was that even an option? What is a little drizzle on Sunday morning anyway? Or maybe you raced in taht odd gap of time when the rain of the earliest races evaporated, the clouds parted and drew back to the edges of the sky, blue and bright dominated, before the next wave came flowing in with bigger drops and colder air. It was that kind of a day - storm clouds building, surging, receding, falling back, then building again; no different really, than the races down on terra-firma.

So, I am still figuring out some of the ins and outs of the photo hosting site I am trying (for instance they are not in the order they should be), but there is a gallery with a selection of ninety photos at 500px. You can check them out there.