Friday Query: The Pre-Ride Debate

I have always thought it pretty comical the way local weather forecasters start to get all dramatic, putting on their best doom and gloom mask, when the possibility of a little rain shows up on the horizon. Dallas Raines just promised six days of variable rain over the next seven. With that kind of forecast I am glad I made it out this afternoon; I only wish I had been riding better, good enough to have pushed into another lap - quantity, not necessarily quality was the goal. The two, quality and quantity, though intrinsically distinct, often overlap, one leading to the other. Though I have not done one in a loooooong time, those seventy to one-hundred and one miles rides do tend to have a certain quality to them, even when the miles are mostly flat. I could have chosen quality, a shorter ride with considerably more climbing for this last chance before a series of storms track in, but with legs that are extremely mileage deficient this winter my mind told me to go for quantity. I don't know about you, but I am constantly weighing and comparing ride options, attempting to determine what would be best, not just for the moment, but building for the near future as well. 

Does anyone just get out and ride, foregoing the personal debate, or does everyone first consider the options, and ultimately base their ride decision on the outcome of that debate?