Up the Road: Ride of Silence, Inland Empire

For the past number of years there has been a Ride of Silence in the Inland Empire region thanks, largely, to the efforts of the Cycling Connection. Each year they have recognized the importance of making a statement for road safety on the third Wednesday of May by recognizing those of our fellow riders who have killed or injured. I am not sure why, but it you read other bicycling sites you will read about the RoS which take pace in Irvine, or North Hollywood, or Timbuktu (they do take place all around the world after all), but rarely, if ever, do you read about the one in Rancho Cucamonga. I don't know why.

Anyway, I know this is very late notice, but not too late that you might very well be able to work the Inland Empire's Ride of Silence into your Wednesday Schedule. The ride leaves from the northwest corner of Baseline and Day Creek Blvd (Starbucks) in Rancho Cucamonga at 6:00pm. There is usually a little pre-ride talk  at 5:30 or so get there early if you can; if not, well, the important thing is to get there. Not sure I will make it this year, but fingers crossed, it could happen.