Shocked by Cycling Pastor

Even though he is currently involved in a cross-country expedition for safe drinking water, I thought a certain bike riding retired pastor from La Verne might get a kick out of this conundrum from older, different, times:

"Spring Valley, N.Y., May 31. - When the congregation of the Monsey Methodist church, a couple of Sundays ago, saw a small, carefully dressed man ride up to the door and alight, they had no idea he was the new pastor. The consternation of the more strict was aroused when the stranger, after putting his bicycle in a place of safety, walked up the aisle to the pulpit and introduced himself as the Rev. Frank Chadwick, the clergyman sent by the Newark conference to succeed the Ref. Dr. J. S. Gilbert.

The new clergyman arrived awheel again last Sunday. The straight-laced members of his flock are shocked. Dr. Chadwick noticed their disapproval. He announced from the pulpit of the Methodist church in the evening that he would continue to ride his wheel to his Monsey charge.

Some of the new pastor's flock shake their heads, declaring the clergyman's Sunday wheeling 'unchristian'." (Los Angeles Herald, 1 June 1900)