Two Wheel Tuesday: Back on Track

The weekend past was one of those that leaves you thoroughly exhausted. Not a lot of down time, and less sleep. When Monday morning dawned I thought perhaps I had caught something, but it was just that run down feeling, and need for some do-nothing in the evening relaxing. A day later and it was back to normal, anticipation for Two Wheel Tuesday - thirteen point five miles of dirt, four tacos, and a "Blackheart" pint. Back on track now.

I swear I kept hearing people on the trail, just out of sight. Considering how many small groups of riders have been out in the evenings lately, I should not have been surprised. But no, I never saw anyone else this time. "I believe you, said the poet, I believe all that I hear in this place. I thought I heard a maggot talking to me a while ago from under a stone. Good morning, Sir or something he said. This is a very queer place certainly." (Flann O'Brien, At Swim-Two-Birds)