From the Archives: 1997 Tour of Huricane

By now you know that stage two of the Tour of Hurricane / Tour of St. George / Chums Classic was always a time trial, first half flat through town, and the second half a climb to the top of the mesa behind the town. "The afternoons TT went marginally better [than the first stage road race]. I caught my 30 second man well before the hill, my 1:30 man on the hill, and almost caught my 1:00 man at the end. As it was I did well on the flats but, as has been the case lately, not as well while climbing."

Twenty-three racers started stage one, seven failed to make the stage two start, and out of the sixteen who did, I came ninth in a time of 16.28:73, only fifty seconds behind the second placed finisher, but a minute and four seconds behind first. I was able to jump a spot in the overall standings, but was still well off where I had expected to be.