2018 San Dimas Stage Race, Stage Three, San Dimas Classic

A third day for another year come, done, and now gone. The third stage was, once again, that familiar six-turn circuit in old downtown San Dimas. Once again it was a great cap to a weekend of racing. From a dominating solo break in the Women's Pro 1/2/3 race, to the Monster Media juggernaut in the Masters 35+ race, another GC crown for Greg Leibert, and the sheer speed of the pro / Cat 1 racers which, if I am honest, had me backing away from my usual crouched spot in the corners, the day was packed with action and excitement, and was indicative of the previous two days as well. 

bell ringing to cheerleading, SDSR has the best spectators

You know, the numbers of competitors at the San Dimas Stage Race was down again for a second year (though they held even with last year) - an unfortunate reflection on the current state of road racing in the United States in general. SDSR continues to mark an important spot on the racing calendar, not just for local teams, but for domestic teams outside the state, and for others outside the country as well - Frazier Cycling is based in Georgia, El Grupo comes from Tucson, Arizona, VC Cascade / Slocum is based in the Pacific Northwest, and riders of the Miller School of Albemarle came into town from Virginia. That SDSR continues to draw racers from across the country is a statement to the dedication of Al, and Rene, Bill, and an army of organizers and volunteers, and to the continuing commitment of Incycle and a host of race sponsors. To all those people we owe much thanks.

The days' and GC champions (for all races but the pros which were not yet posted when I called it a day):

Junior 15-16 Stage Three: 1st, Ian Oelrich (Team Velosport / Rock n Road), 2nd, Adin Jose (Team Fremont / FFBC), 3rd, Brody McDonald (Team Velosport / Rock n Road).

Junior 15-16 Final GC: 1st, Matthew Ricittallo (LUX / Sideshow), 2nd, Jared Scott (LUX / Sideshow), 3rd, Quinn Agnew (El Grupo).

Junior 15-16 Sprint Champion: Cole Rasser (Frazier Cycling)
Junior 15-16 King of the Mountains, Jared Scott.

Junior 17-18 Stage Three: 1st Ethan Overson (El Grupo), 2nd Matthew Oliveira (Hot Tubes), 3rd Tyler Reynolds (Above and Beyond Cancer).

Junior 17-18 Final GC: 1st Andrew Vollmer (LUX / Sideshow), 2nd Ethan Overson (El Grupo), 3rd Magnus Sheffield (Hot Tubes).

Cat 4 / 5 Stage Three: 1st David Mayhew (unatt), 2nd Trevor Lien (CBS Cycling), 3rd Ruiz Nazaret.

Cat 4/5 Final GC: Chase King (unatt), 2nd David Mayhew, 3rd Trevor Lien.

Masters 45+ Stage Three: 1st Tony Rago (Carefast / Storck Cycling), 2nd Patrick Caro (Go Fast / Incycle), 3rd Espen Kateraas (Team Fitter).

Masters 45+ Final GC: 1st William Thomas (Aloha Cycling / Freakshow), 2nd Tony Brady (Davis Phinney Foundation), 3rd Jeff Konsmo (Hot Wheels Factory Team).

Masters 55+ Stage Three: 1st Chris Hahn (Velo Pasadena), 2nd Scott Winzeler (Carefast / Storck), 3rd Todd Parks (Hammer Nutrition).

Masters 55+ Final GC: 1st Greg Leibert (Big Orange Cycling), 2nd Todd Parks, 3rd Chris Hahn.

Women Cat 4/5 Stage Three: 1st Randi Gino (R5 Ciclismo), 2nd Nia Ransom (SheSpoke Racing), 3rd Lucy Archer (V).

Women Cat 4/5 Final GC: 1st Genevieve Plum (Team California Juniors), 2nd Meade Plum (Team California Academy), 3rd Hannia Magallanes (Hope Sports / Adrenaline Cycling).

Masters 35+ Stage Three: 1st Joshua Stockinger (Monster Media Racing), 2nd Philip Tinstman (Monster Media Racing), 3rd Rob Alvarez (Stone House Group p/b Monster Media).

Masters 35+ Final GC: 1st David Salomon (Monster Media), 2nd Rob Alvarez, 3rd Philip Tinstman.

Masters 35+ Sprint: Rob Alvarez. Masters 35+ King of the Mountains: David Salomon.

Cat 3 Stage Three: 1st Edgar Stepanyan (Velo Pasadena), 2nd Reed Williams (Peninsula Velo), 3rd Mark Fitzgerald (Snaakbar / Majestic / Mobbin).

Cat 3 Final GC: 1st Jason Pedersen (Team Simple Green), 2nd Edgar Stepanyan, 3rd James Walker (Plant Power Racing).

Cat 2 Stage Three: 1st Justin Poulson (Cycle Sport / Specialized), 2nd Christian Molina (M2W Academy Team) 3rd Ruben Saatjian (Stinner Frameworks).

Cat 2 Final GC: 1st Richie Vos (Sun Power Racing), 2nd Brandon Nied (Velo Reno p/b Western Lithium), 3rd Colin Patterson (Squadra SF p/b Terun).

The photos for Stage Three: There are a selection of 177 in the Flickr album.