Those Claremont Seniors: At It Again

The Claremont Senior Bicycle Group (CSBG). They kind of have this mission (I don't know if it is a real mission, or just my suspicion of what appears to be a mission) of encouraging people, no matter what age, to remain active in their lives - something that is not always easy to do, no matter what age, something that can become more difficult the older we get. They do this by hosting, almost, daily rides. They do this by advocating, in various ways, for active transportation in, and around, town. So when I noticed, a couple weeks ago, that the group was beginning a new ride, geared toward new riders, I was not the least bit surprised. One of the most difficult things in life, sometimes, is convincing ourselves that we can do something, anything, that we think we are not very good at; a lot of people, and I am guessing at this, rarely, or never ride a bike for that very reason. Funny thing, once people take that plunge, cast aside their doubts, they find out that riding the two-wheeled contraption is not the impossibility they thought it to be.

It may be too late for you to make this week's ride, but mark your calendar for the next one - the CSBG Beginners' Ride goes every Tuesday, departing from the Joslyn Center at 8:00am (660 N. Mountain Avenue, Claremont). You need not be a member of the group, you need not be a "senior". You do need a bike, I suspect a helmet, and a belief that you can indeed do it. In a matter of time you just may find yourself doing some of the other rides around town, and beyond, as well.