2018 Beach to Boulders

You know, a lot of people seem to have a lot of negative things to say about today's young generation - that they are spoiled, shiftless, lazy, neither know what they want, nor what they are talking about. Regrettably many of the people saying these things are from the same generation as myself, people who should know better, because the exact same things were said about them / us. All that talk is just so much b.s. And though I did not need to be at the weekends Beach to Boulders mountain bike race to tell me that, riding the course, watching the students competing against, and supporting one another was ample evidence. Beach to Boulders, at Lake Perris State Recreation Area was the opening race of the 2018 season for the southern California High School Cycling League, and as anyone who has ever done so will tell you, taking that first step, that jump into competition takes some guts. Once started, to continue along the path takes preparation, dedication, and perseverance. Yeah, they know what they want.

Not that the teens give a damn about what the doubters and the deniers say, but in the words of Dar Williams (Teenagers, Kick Our Butts):

"... Find your voice, do what it takes
Make sure you make lots of mistakes
And find the future that redeems
Give us hell, give us dreams
And grow and grow and grow

And someday when some teenagers come to kick your butts
Well then like I do try to

Unfortunately I was not able to stay as long as I would have wanted so there are no JV or Varsity pics this time around. The one-hundred six photos selected for the album come from all the other races - some freshmen boys, some sophomore boys, and the girls races. See you at Vail Lake.