The place was full, but we found a couple seats on the patio. More people came, but couldn't get a seat, so they waited for one. Or left to try their luck somewhere else. With the brunch-time crowd I didn't think the food would arrive quickly as a result. It wasn't long, though, before the maitre'd came out, apologized, and said that the chef (and fellow cyclist), had seen us outside but sent my breakfast tacos back to the kitchen because the eggs just were not quite to standards...

I don't  know, at some point this turned into one of Those posts. The kind that, almost from the first word the, you realize it just is not going anywhere. Nothing sounds right, and so you scratch it all out and start again, only that original theme, the topical line you were following is still lodged in your head, and no matter what new path you take, you keep circling back around to the original failed one. 

This one involved a big group of Sunday cyclists, almost all familiar, arriving too late to get grouped seats, a couple chugging early afternoon, post ride beers, but then one by one, or two by two, heading to another establishment up the street until only Chris and Mrs. Chris remained. Loyalty. We joked about it, but as a theme it just didn't work. Even so, it is always good to see so many arriving by bike.