Save the Sycamore BMX Raceway

What I see is a recreation and park district, whose mission it should be to provide people with outdoor recreational space, failing miserably. You can say, "sure, but it is their land and they can do with it what they want," or "sure, but the track managers should have got the agreement in writing," but at the end of the day, when school lets out, there will be one less safe place for kids to go that does not involve sitting around exercising their fingers to the exclusion of anything else, one less place for families to bond, one less place for people of all ages to challenge themselves while competing against one another, and who knows how many more valid reasons. 

The Sycamore BMX track in the Simi Valley is under threat of imminent, and permanent closure. Signing the petition might help, writing to the park district to let them know what you think of their decision might do even more. Do something.